Reimage Repair: Optimize PC Speed Upto 3 Fold Times

Is your system running slow?

Are you experiencing registry errors on system?

Can reimage repair damaged DLL files?

Have you realized that your PC becomes slow after some time since the time you bought it. It comes around with the excessive usage of system, problems in the registry values, virus attacks or corruption issues within a system, accumulation if temporary files, Internet files in the system. Due to this, one receives registry errors, slow PC performance, freezing issues and more. Here where reimage repair tool comes in.

Features of the Reimage Repair

  • Damaged registry entries causing conflicts can be repaired with the software
  • It is able to search virus infected files & repair them.
  • It repairs damaged file system automatically.
  • Re-installation of broken drives is possible with the tool.
  • Windows formatting is also possible through this software.
  • Outdated data are also checked.
  • It stops all windows programs and allow fast repair of windows.

You can say this is a multipurpose tool for PC related problems. It never damages other resources of the system. In case of registry damage, it first look for back up, if it is not available it replaces them with new keys. One of the best features of reimage repair software is that it does not require any special program to work. It can be installed on computers in any critical situation of damage. Its trial version is available on Internet you can download it and if it is satisfactory you can purchase license key of this efficient tool.

Striking Features of Reimage Repair

Self Explanatory & User Friendly Interface

Offers Automatic Wizard to guide the user
No technical expertise necessary to execute it
Integrated with simple interface design
Advanced Options that increase flexibility

Types of Problems Detected (Through Scan)

Hardware Related: Speed of HDD, Low Memory, CPU Temperature
Program Stability Related: Nature of Application crashes, Reason
Security Related: Checks for Malwares, Virus, Trojans, Spywares
Detects Temporary, Binary Files, Log files, Caches Files

Fixes Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Finds issues causing BSOD in the system
Implements a deep scanning method for this
Able to Fix Stop Issue or BSOD quickly
Works for all Windows Operating System

More Features of Reimage Repair     (....learn more)

Eliminate Windows Errors
Able to find applications or problems causing a Windows error and fix them quickly
Prevents Windows Freezing Issues
Fixes irritating computer freezing problems by eliminating the bugs and fixing applications issues

Fixes DLL Errors
Replaces Obsolete or corrupt or missing DLL Files with updated ones to make you get rid of the DLL errors
Restores OS Files & Settings
Can repair and restore system settings and files required to boot and execute the system normally without damaging data.

Reimage Repair: System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 7(32 & 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit), Windows XP

Processor: 1GHz single or multi core (32 or 64 Bit)

HDD: 40 GB HDD with free space of 15 GB (minimum)

Memory: Minimum 512 MB RAM

User Guide for Using Reimage Repair

You will not find any kind of technical difficulty whatsoever in handling the software. The highly interactive user interface and the wizard will guide you automatically through the optimization process.

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